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General BCP Employment:

The Baltimore Curriculum Project will become the operator of Fredrick Elementary School on July 1st. The school will be the merger of Samuel F.B. Morse with Frederick Elementary and will be housed in a new 21st Century building in west Baltimore. BCP is interested in hearing from BCPS teachers who might like to consider transferring to Frederick Elementary. If so, please contact Harold Henry at HHenry02@bcps.k12.Md.us and Jmcgill@baltimorecp.org. Send cover letter and resume, please.

BCP will be recruiting elementary and middle grades teachers with particular interest in those who hold or are eligible for Maryland State certification and in subject areas such as Mathematics, Social Sciences and General Science. Please send resumes with cover letter to Jon McGill at jmcgill@baltimorecp.org

Volunteer at BCP:

BCP is always looking for volunteers to support the BCP schools. Volunteerism can take many forms, all of which are greatly appreciated by BCP staff, principals, teachers, and students. If you are interested in reading to children, being a classroom mentor, donating books or other materials, teaching an after school program, or almost anything you can imagine, and contribute, please contact Larry Schugam at 410-675-7000 or bcpinfo@baltimorecp.org


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