Fourth Grade - Geography - Lesson 4 - Geographic Features of the East Coast


Demonstrate knowledge of geographical features of the East Coast of the United States.


One per student

Map of the thirteen colonies

Question sheet (included)


Give each student a map of the thirteen colonies. Ask: Which part of the United States is this a map of? (the eastern United States) How can you tell? (the Atlantic Ocean is shown bordering the coast, the colonies are labeled) Why did the first people who came from England build towns along the Atlantic coast? (easier for trade and transportation)

Give each student a question sheet. Ask the students to read the directions and underline the words in the questions that ask them to do something, for instance: trace, use, answer, check. Have them raise their hands when they have finished and review the words that should be underlined. Next, ask the students to read the questions, asking them to raise their hands when they have finished. Finally, have them read the checklist.

Ask the students to answer the questions by following the directions on the worksheet and when they have finished to complete the checklist.

Once the students have completed the worksheet, review the answers with the class and ask how they arrived at their answers.

Worksheet answers

1. Massachusetts

2. The Chesapeake Bay

3. Massachusetts

4. Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia

5. South Carolina

6. Georgia

7. Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, Lake Superior

8. Virginia

Bonus question

Possible answers include: Some of the states are larger than their colonies were (Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York). The colony of Massachusetts included the present-day state of Maine. The colonies Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, and South Carolina were the same size as their present-day states. Virginia is divided into itself and West Virginia.

Fourth Grade - Geography - Lesson 4 - Geographic Features of the East Coast

Name _____________________________________________________________________

Directions: Trace the borders of the colonies. Be sure to only trace the dotted lines to the right of the heavy black line. Use the map to answer the following questions. Check for correct spelling in your answers. Complete the checklist once you have answered all the questions.

1. Which colony was the northernmost colony? ______________________________________

2. What is the name of the bay that almost divides Maryland?


3. In which colony did the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party occur?


4. Which colonies shared a border with Maryland? __________________________________,

__________________________________, _________________________________________

5. Which colony would have a warmer climate in the winter, South Carolina or New Hampshire?


6. Which colony was the southernmost colony? _______________________________________

7. Which lakes make up the Great Lakes? ________________________________________,

______________________________________, ______________________________________,

______________________________________, ______________________________________

8. In which colony did the Battle at Yorktown occur? __________________________________

Bonus Question

On the map you can see the shapes of the original colonies (to the right of the black line) and you can see the shapes of the present-day states. What differences can you see between the colonies and the states? _________________________________________________________________



Fourth Grade - Geography - Lesson 4 - Geographic Features of the East Coast


1. Did you answer all the questions?

2. Did you spell the words in your answers correctly?

3. Did you trace the borders between the colonies?