Baltimore Curriculum Project Draft Lessons

Introductory Notes

These lessons generally follow the grade-by-grade topics in the Core Knowledge Sequence, but they have been developed independent of the Core Knowledge Foundation. While the Core Knowledge Foundation encourages the development and sharing of lessons based on the Core Knowledge Sequence, it does not endorse any one set of lesson plans as the best or only way that the knowledge in the Sequence should be taught.

You may feel free to download and distribute these lessons, but please note that they are currently in DRAFT form. At this time the draft lessons on this web site do NOT have accompanying graphics, such as maps or cut-out patterns. Graphics will be added to this site later.

In participating BCP schools, these lessons are used in conjunction with the Direct Instruction skills programs in reading, language, and math. If you use or adapt these lessons, keep in mind that they are meant to address content and the application of skills. You will need to use other materials to ensure that children master skills in reading, language, and math.

Kindergarten - Music - Overview

The goals of early music instruction are to develop an interest in and love of music; to help children develop the ability to express themselves musically; and, to develop sensitivity to musical beauty and basic understanding of musical form.

Since there are no music lessons for November, the following titles and recordings may be used to supplement music instruction. It is suggested that songs dealing with the Thanksgiving theme be incorporated into your lessons at your discretion.

Suggested Titles

Drews, Helen. My First Music Book. New York: Dorling Kindersley, 1993.

Hart, Avery and Mantell, Paul. Kids Make Music!. Charlotte, VT: Williamson Publishing, 1993.

Hayes, Phyllis. Musical Instruments You Can Make. New York: Franklin Watts, 1981.

Lillegard, Dee. An Introduction to Musical Instruments. Chicago: Children's Press, 1988.

McLean, Margaret. Make Your Own Musical Instrument. New York: Lerner, 1988.

Oates, Eddie Herschel. Making Music 6 Instruments You Can Create. New York: HarperCollins, 1995.

Palmer, Hap. Homemade Band. New York: Crown, 1991.

Pettigrew, Mark. Music and Sound. Gloucester, 1987.

Van Kampen, Vlasta. Orchestranimals. New York: Scholastic, 1990.

Wiseman, Ann. Making Musical Things: Improvised Instruments. New York: Scribner, 1979.

Recordings that collect favorite songs for children:

Disney's Children's Favorites, vols 1-4 (Disney Songtapes)

Family Folk Festival: A Multi-cultural Sing-Along (Music for Little People)

Shake It to the One That You Love the Best: Play Songs and Lullabies from Black Musical Traditions by Cheryl Warren Mattox ( Warren-Mattox Productions, 1989)

Wee Sing Sing-Alongs series (Price Stern Sloan)